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TrustDALE Certified and Guaranteed

In a family business, reputation is everything. It’s not just about what customers and clients are saying about your business—It what’s they’re saying about the integrity of your family and your legacy. Deceased Pet Care has been the business of the Shugart family since 1972, so we put our name and legacy on the line each and every time we help someone through the loss of their beloved pet and their final arrangements.

When it comes to handling the loss of your pet, you want to work with someone you trust. While reading reviews and speaking with one of our wonderful staff members may show our great reputation, sometimes you just want confirmation from a friend that you can trust a business.

 Dale Cardwell has been making himself the trusted friend to Georgia natives across the state for years, offering honest and open reviews of local businesses through his website.

  • We are proud to announce that Deceased Pet Care is now Trust Dale Certified.  You can rest assured not only from our reviews and our staff, but also from a trusted friend, that you can rely on us to help you through the difficult process of grieving for your pet and deciding their final arrangements. This also means that Deceased Pet Care is a part of the
  • Trust Dale Guarantee offering only the best service.
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Column: All dogs go to Shugarts’

By Dale CardwellColumnist

My favorite pet of all time was Frostie. A big white German Shepherd, Frostie came to our family when I was a toddler, and stayed by my side for 13 years.

That kid from “Old Yeller” had nothing on me when Frostie came to the end of his trail. The loss of a pet is in many ways comparable to the loss of our human relationships. In fact, I believe experiencing the loss of a beloved pet as a child prepares us for the eventual loss of our closest loved ones.

*Article originally found on

Funeral Director Magazine

Funeral Director Magazine

A Dedication o Pet LossAFD Profile Deceased Pet Care and AFD

"As a family comes to terms with a death of a loved one, those who are the decision-makers only want the best for the deceased loved one. They want a full-service funeral, embalming, keepsakes and a special urn for the cremation. The family mourns over the casket, feeling incomprehensible loss and grief; they cry uncontrollably and say farewell as they see their deceased family member being placed inside the cremator. But this deceased loved one isn’t the esteemed family patriarch or a beloved aunt or uncle; it’s Scruffy, the family dog." [View Full Article]

Atlanta Magazine

Atlanta Magazine

"Frankly, it's because they're family. It's because they were small and we took them home, a wet nose with white-brown fur folded at the foot of the bed. It's because they were friends..." [View Full Article]

The International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories (IAOPCC) Names Robert Blosser President, Donna Shugart-Bethune Executive Director: 

“We are excited to continue the progress we’ve begun with the added expertise of both Robert and Donna,” stated Steve Woods, IAOPCC Ethics and Standards Chairman. “They both bring many years of industry experience with a broad range of business operations. I am confident that our association and board will benefit from Robert’s successful leadership and Donna’s strategic organizational skills.  We are excited about the future as we continue to focus on developing quality education programs and setting industry standards.”  With these latest appointments, the IAOPCC board now comprises 7 directors:  Debra Bjorling, Keith Shugart, Robert Erdman, Steve Woods, Angie Hansen, and Martin Hopp.  Hopp, based out of Australia, is the board’s International Director... [View Full Article]

Thousands mourn zoo's famous gorilla - HONORED TO HAVE CARED FOR THIS ATLANTAN LEGEND

The Atlanta Journal and ConstitutionFebruary 6, 2000'People ... loved this creature'

The big fella's soul may rest in heaven, but there was plenty of evidence Saturday that an enduring piece of it will never leave Atlanta. In a memorial service as majestic as he, Atlanta's most famous gorilla, Willie B., was remembered fondly, and tearfully, for his legacy to Zoo Atlanta and the city.  [View Full Article]