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  • Pet Tributes

    Pet Tributes

    We understand the importance of a meaningful way to pay tribute to a beloved friend and member of your family. Our Online Pet Memorial Park allows you to create a permanent memorial dedicated to the memory of your treasured pet.

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  • Coping with Pet Loss

    Coping with Pet Loss

    For many pet parents, losing a pet is like losing a best friend, a family member, and a trusted companion all at once. When that loss occurs, many are left with grief and other emotions that can be overwhelming, not knowing what to do or say to move forward, or even what to say to others in a similar predicament. Pet Angel Memorial Center offers a free bi-monthly (first and third Tuesdays)  Pet Loss Support Group to help those through these emotions and the grieving process.

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  • Pet Loss Support Group

    Pet Loss Support Group

    Join us for our VIRTUAL PET LOSS SUPPORT GROUP conducted on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm.  RSVP inside!

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  • 365 Days of Grief Support

    365 Days of Grief Support

    These messages of hope, healing and affirmation are delivered to your email inbox every day. Subscribe easily, and unsubscribe when you're ready. Such small doses of comfort will help you move through the cycle of grief, and work wonders for your outlook.

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  • Pet Compassion Careline

    Pet Compassion Careline

    Losing a pet is one of the most difficult things a person can experience. Whether it is sudden or anticipated, the loss of a pet is a highly emotional time. We are proud to offer the Pet Compassion Careline, exclusive to all partner clinics and pet parents.

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