For Our Veterinarians

For Our Veterinarians

To access Paws E-Track - click here

To access Paws E-Track - click here 

Our free on-line Veterinary Portal services for partner hospitals.  Paws e-Track provides our Veterinary Partners an efficient online system for streamlining and monitoring your Client's pet aftercare choices through every step of the process.  If you are interested in becoming a Veterinary Partner with us, please contact us today at 770-457-7659.

Providing Superior Services for Caring Veterinarians

As a dedicated and professional Veterinarian, you’ve been there for your pet families through every stage of their lives providing superior care.  Trusted and respected over the years, the family Veterinarian becomes an extended friend of the family. When a loss occurs, pet parents turn to their Veterinarian to assist them in determining the most trusted after care services available for their beloved family member.

Why It Is Important That You Know and Trust Your Pet Funeral Home

For more than 50 years, respected Veterinarians have relied on Deceased Pet Care Funeral Homes & Crematories to care for their pet families during their time of need. As Georgia's first and only full service pet funeral home, we are able to offer you and your pet parents more comprehensive and compassionate services than any other aftercare program in the state. 

As Georgia's only State Certified  Crematory Operator, we have gone through rigorous state testing and certification processes which assures your pet parents the highest quality standards availableAs a professional Veterinarian, you can rest confident in knowing that you are protected by Georgia's very best in pet aftercare and crematory operations.

Customized Veterinary Aftercare Programs That Meet YOUR Needs

  • AVAILABILITY TO YOUR HOSPITAL  24-Hours a Day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Same Day Witness Cremation Services as well as Priority Next Day Services
  • Tracking - Our free Paws e-Track online portal for partner hospitals.  Our integrated tracking system offers our Veterinary Hospitals an efficient online system for streamlining and monitoring your Client's pet aftercare choices through every step of the process;
  • Viewing Rooms, In-House Chapels, Showrooms available for your pet parents at all locations.
  • Professionally designed brochures developed to boost your pet parents' confidence in your choice of Deceased Pet Care Funeral Homes;
  • Award winning web-site design including an on-line store with more than 450+ Urns, Markers, and memorial products.
  • With three conveniently-located pet funeral homes, we provide our pet parents with facilities recognized as unparalleled throughout the nation.  Whether your pet parent's seek priority cremation services or an individual pet burial in an established pet cemetery, rest assured our family operated business can meet their needs with integrity and compassion.  With clear and affordable pricing, convenient services, and recognition as Georgia’s only State Certified and Accredited Crematory Operator, Deceased Pet Care can help make your Veterinary Practice efficient and worry free.

    Committed to the integrity that you and your clients care about...........

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