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How to Plan a Pet Funeral?

Deceased Pet Care is the veterinarian's preferred choice in aftercare when it comes to specializing in private pet cremation and pet burial. Our staff have been serving families with pets for more than 49 years. Our devotion to people and their pets, dedication to quality, and attention to detail have earned an outstanding reputation within the pet aftercare industry. Contact us at (678) 838-4640 or visit us at Loving Care Pet Gardens, 2126 Fairburn Rd, Douglasville, GA 30135.

Who to Call for Pet Cremation in Douglasville, GA?

Planning end-of-life services for a pet is much like coordinating services for a family member. As you are dealing with grief and loss, you also want to find a way to honor the memories you shared with the animal over the years. Did you know that you can plan pet funeral services in honor of your family pet? If you are looking for support with funeral planning or pet cremation in Douglasville, GA, then our team is just a phone call away.

We know that losing a pet can be a heart-wrenching experience. In the same way that you need to find closure through a funeral for a family member, many people find healing in the experience of coordinating pet cremation or funeral services. This experience gives you an opportunity to show your love for the animal. Then, you can move forward with your life, holding onto the memories that were shared over the years.

Quality Care for Your Family Pet

If you want quality care for your companion, then it’s time to call our team. We respect your needs and desires, offering the highest levels of dignity for the pet and the family. You’ve spent many years with the pet, making it important to hold a beautiful service in honor of the animal.

Our team takes the personalized approach you deserve. When you reach out to us for pet funeral services, you’ll receive our undivided attention and the quality care that you need. Through this process, we’ll help you design customized pet funeral or cremation services. Not only do we offer quality care for your animal, but we are also dedicated to supporting the needs of each family.

How to commemorate the loss of a pet?

What is the right funeral plan for your family pet? We invite you to schedule a consultation so you can learn about the various services that we offer. Here are the most popular choices you might consider:

  • Pet Funerals: This event can be as small or a large as you’d like, and we’re happy to host the gathering in our pet funeral home if desired. Some families like the intimate setting of only having immediate family members present. Other people want to give friends and family the opportunity to say goodbye. Pet funerals are an important step so you can find healing in the emotions you are experiencing because of this loss.
  • Pet Cemeteries: Would you like a dedicated place where you can lay the animal to rest? Pet cemeteries provide a beautiful location that you can visit time and time again. We have several locations to choose from, making it easy for you to select a burial plot that is close to home. Our full-service solutions include everything from burial to a headstone or graveside services if desired.
  • Pet Cremation: Cremation is a respectful way you can say goodbye and save money at the same time. Through these services, the remains are reduced using heat. Your family receives the ashes after a private cremation. You can decide if you’d like to scatter those ashes at the pet’s favorite outdoor location, plant a memorial garden with the ashes, or keep them in an urn so you have the remains of your pet in your home.

There are many options for pet services, which is why we encourage every family to learn about the possibilities of saying goodbye to their animal. You have the freedom and flexibility to desire an event that is a great fit for your unique needs and preferences.

What is the purpose of planning ahead for your pet?

What is the right timing to begin the process of planning a funeral or pet cremation in Douglasville, GA? It’s never too early to get started! You don’t want to deal with difficult decisions after your companion is gone, so it makes sense to reach out to our team as soon as possible to learn about your options.

We’re here to answer your questions, provide information about available services, and support your goals for finalizing preplanning services. It’s easy to learn about the possibilities when you are working with our team.

Additionally, immediate planning is available as needed. Sometimes families need to say goodbye to their pets unexpectedly. As difficult as it can be to lose a companion without much notice, you can rest assured to know that our team provides the immediate care that your family needs. These on-demand pet cremation services are available for short-notice events.

There’s no reason to wait to get started. Whether you require immediate support or you are ready to discuss the possibilities for the future, we’re here to help. Contact us to book a consultation we can provide information about pet cremation in Douglasville, GA. You’ll see that we offer a full-service experience for every family

Pet Funeral & Cremation FAQs

Pet Funeral & Cremation

How to cope with the loss of a pet?

  • Explain your pet's loss to young children in a way they'll understand.
  • Allow you and your family to grieve.
  • Make room for expressing your emotions.
  • Create a service or other ceremony to honor your pet.
  • Maintain your other pets' schedules.
  • Reach out for support.
  • Learn More.

Why should I plan my pet’s funeral?

None of us like to think about our beloved pets no longer being with us. Planning ahead can help to ease the burden of having to make difficult decisions during an emotionally distressing time.   Making a plan now ensures that your pet will receive the same loving care and attention in death that you provided for them in life.Learn More.

How do you honor your dead pet?>

  • Plan a Memorial Service.
  • Create an Outdoor Memorial.
  • Embrace Daily or Seasonal Reminders.
  • Sharing with Other Animals.
  • Use Your Creative Talents.
  • Offer Support.
  • Learn More.